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"A Traditional Himalayan house, where every corner tells you a vibrant story."


About Samsara

Nestled in the serene Himalayan landscape, Samsara offers a memorable experience that lingers beyond your stay. This traditional house invites you to wake up to sunny mornings and stunning snow-capped mountain views from your window. The surrounding greenery provides a refreshing escape from urban chaos and pollution. We, among other things, share a love for gardening and have put in efforts to adorn this space with an array of plants, which add a dash of color to Samsara, especially in the Spring season. The fusion of art and craft is showcased in thoughtfully crafted décor, often repurposed from discarded materials. Welcome to serenity at Samsara. Samsara isn't just a stay; it's an oasis of tranquility and you're invited to embrace its serene ambiance, promising an unforgettable retreat harmonizing with nature and artistry.


Your Hosts



Nitika's transition from a Delhi city dweller to embracing a mountain life is remarkably inspiring. Life's unforeseen paths often lead to our most cherished experiences. Her culinary prowess feeds both tummy and soul, forging connections through food. Nitika finds solace in pottery, guiding others through workshops, her kindness fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere for genuine connections. Nitika's journey underscores life's unpredictability in shaping our most fulfilling moments. Her shift from urban hustle to serene mountains, complemented by culinary mastery, creative pursuits, and kind nature, culminates in a life enriched through shared experiences.


Dona - The Diva

Dona, a furry friend from high mountains of Himachal, expresses adventure and emotional intelligence with her beautiful brown eyes. Her serene demeanor near Buddha enhances her appeal. She is so Playful and welcoming with wagging tail and she doesn't take any time to become friends and take a walk with the guests. Dona's social nature and desire for enjoyment underscore her need for companionship. As a beloved household member, she fosters unity, happiness, and positivity, embodying the essence of love and companionship.



Srikant, a Delhi native with a passion for mountaineering and adventure, has spent over a decade exploring roads as a biker, cyclist, budget-conscious backpacker, and hitchhiker. Despite navigating the high-paced realm of multinational corporations across various countries, he made a life-altering choice to abandon the chaos of city life and find his home amidst the mountains, where he felt a deep sense of belonging. Now residing there, Srikant not only seeks his own fulfillment but also strives to enrich the lives of his guests. Through his artwork, he adds vibrancy and color to the experiences of those he hosts, turning his personal journey into a way to enhance the lives of others.

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